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"The world's smartest media company ?"

Colin Morrison, a UK based journalist and blogger, with a long career in the media - and being passionate about journalism and media regurlarly writes about his passions in his blog "Flashes and Flames". He is passionate about the media - and how the traditional media is wrestling with the digital world.

In "Flashes and Flames" he blogs about the media, as well as leadership issues in business and politics, - and primarily covering the UK, US and Australian scenes, - but he occasionally  looks at what is happening elsewhere.

In mid-October his blog was about something happening elsewhere, revealing a secret:  "Is this "secret" business the worlds smartest media company? Changing a market near you soon...... "   

In his blog he focuses on Schibsted, - and the little known (outside the media industry) success of Schibsted - not only as a traditional media company moving into new markets, but as a new major global player in the global online classifeds market.