The Tinus Trust

Annual Reports

In 2009 - The Tinius Trust wanted to enhance the publishing of the Annual Report, by including articles focusing on important issues on the news media scene.  When publishing the Annual Report from 2008, the publication  included stories and essays by editors in some of the Schibsted newspapers, - as they all were focusing on their visions of the future of the news media. As the Annual Report 2008 also included Rupert Murdoch's visions on the future of the news media, - the report became favored reading by many media players.

The 2009 report,  did focus on  how the role of the news media is changing in lieu of the changes in media usage in the digital age. How will these changes in media usage impact the traditional role that the news media have played, - and how do editors envision future ways of preserving their traditional positions as purveyors of important information and opinions on the numerous new digital platforms? In addition to the essays from editors in Schibsted newspapers, - the report also includes contributions by lan Rusbridger, the Editor of the Guardian, - and Robert Picard, the renowned Professor of Media Economics.

The 2010 report,  presents views and experiences on Creativity and Innovation from media executives, from Lionel Barber, editor of Financial Times, Lena K Samuelsen, editor-in-chief of SvD and Christan Printzell Halvorsen, CEO of  among others.

The 2011 report was marked by the terrorist attack on the central government offices in Oslo and the massacre of numerous youths attending a political summer camp at Utøya. The theme of the reports' stories is how the media responds to unexpected catastrophes like this; how they are organised to be able to perform their role - and how editors and journalists are able to work under such  emotional stress.

The 2012 report: Quality Even in the Future discusses Journalism in the New Media environment - and the challenges the media faces as the new digital media dramatically changes media usage habits. Will the criteria for traditional Quality Journalism be the same in the new digital media...?

 The 2013 report; Journalistic Challenges continues the focus on the Journalistic Challenges in the rapidly changing media environment, where the multiple choices of publishing channels makes the readers dramatically change their media consumption habits . What kind of journalism will the press have to focus on in the future as the old business models no longer are valid, and the media consumers will have to pay for the quality journalism necessary for the press to fulfill their role as the fourth estate?

The Annual Reports are published in print, and are available digitally  (PDF and in HTML).