The Tinus Trust


The Tinius Trust decided in 2006 to establish a 3 year research scholarship to fund a research fellowship at one of our journalist and/or media institutions in Norway, - alternatively at the Insitiute oF Journalism in Fredriksstad.

 The objective of the Scholarship is to fund research leading to a PHD in the media field .

The Trust Fund wishes the research to cover the subjects;

- what will influence the conditions of Freedom of Expression ?

- how will ownership - and ownership concentration influence the media ?

- and how will the development in media technology influence the media industry, - as individuals - and institutions all are able to be published - and have a voice in the public sphere.?

The Scholarship will be a grant of three years salary, following the salary levels  for researchers as defined by Norsk Forskningsråd.

Arne H. Krumsvik

The Tinius Trust in 2007 granted the Scholarship to Arne H. Krumsvik . For a period of three years he will do research on the freedom of expression and the professionalization of Journalism.


Arne H. Krumsvik

In 2007 The Tinius Trust granted  the 3 year media research scholarship to Arne H. Krumsvik (44). In  2099 – 2012 he will perform research on the conditions affecting  Freedom of Expression – and the professionalizing of journalism. He has been granted a pause in the research while in 2010 acting as Secretary of the government appointed Media Support Committee.

What influences the Freedom of Expression, what impact will ownership concentration in media have? The digital revolution will give every citizen the ability to get published, - how will this impact the role of the traditional media – and will this make it easier for all voices to be heard?

These are the issues Arne H. Krumsvik are working on in his postgraduate work as a Tinius Scholar at the University of Oslo, at the Institute of Media and Communication (IMK).

Arne H. Krumsvik has an impressive track record in journalism and media management. He has been in charge of the online operations in both VG and Dagbladet, as well as in SOL (Scandinavia On Line). He has been Editor-in-Chief of Romerikes Blad, and also  in Kanal24 (national commercial radio). He got his PhD on his thesis; " The Online News Factory: A Multi-Lens Investigation of the Strategy, Structure, and Process of Online News Production at CNN and NRK" at the University of Oslo in 2009. In 2008 he co-authored an anthology on Journalism in the digital working day with Media Professor R. Ottosen. In this anthology well renowned researchers discussed structural and fundamental issues related to media ownership, economy in the online news media – and in the terrestrial digital transmission systems. The book discusses the organizational changes necessary in the newsrooms – and the conflicts inherent in the process when implementing the multimedial platform strategy.

“- Technological developments create new conditions for both journalism and the freedom of expression, - and I am grateful to the Tinius Trust for giving me the opportunity to continue my research in this field” – says Arne H. Krumsvik.

His project will focus on the consequences  of ownership concentration in media, - as well as the professionalism of media management and journalism – and how this may impact the aspects of freedom of expression, such as freedom of the press, free access to information and communication – in other words how we will be able to express ourselves without fear of interference from the powers that be; - e.g. the government.

Due to new technology – we have never had it as easy to express ourselves. The obstacles to publish are few – and minor. But in the more and more fragmented media landscape we are getting – the challenges to be heard get more difficult – and make it necessary for us to be able to redefine what media pluralism will be in the future.


More on Arne H. Krumsvik, and his publications can be found here: